Developer FAQ

What currencies are supported in GatePay?

Supported fiat currencies:  USD ($) - GBP (£) - EUR (€) 

Currently, available networks include:  Bitcoin - Bitcoin Cash - Ethereum - Litecoin - Dash - Dogecoin

How does GatePay make money?

GatePay does not charge consumers to make payments. However, our B2C model is such that vendors are charged a 1% on transactions made through the platform. 

Is there a way to make refunds using API ?

Refunds are made through Commerce App manually. Go to Commerce App > History > Refund > Select either "Payment Card" or "Crypto" method.

Data requests

For a comprehensive data report please contact

Please include your Commerce Account ID in your email.

Can I test GatePay without signing up?

No, you need to create a GatePay Commerce account to obtain API keys.